From Branding to Architecture, Furniture Design to Interior Design - VMAD's teams of talented and creative professionals deliver unique and highly desired design solutions to a wide variety of clients.   Founded in 2007 by Mark Murashige and Kay Vorderwuelbecke, VMAD quickly evolved from a small interior design firm, to a full service architecture and interiors firm.  From there, our push into branding, new concept development and furniture design were the inevitable outcome of a team following their passions.

Creatives at VMAD wear many hats. In any given day we may find our selves jumping from developing a new boutique hospitality chain, to working on several lines of commercial furniture, from scheming materials for a restaurant, to drawing CD's for a townhouse.  We don't have a set project type.  We pursue work that is interesting and challenging.  It can be a lobby renovation or the design of a pop-up retail space, 

 VMAD is also very proud of our design partnerships.  We are highly collaborative and love people who love what they do.  Forming design partnerships only serves to further enhance our learning and exposure to other great designers.  We are proud of our partnership's with industry leaders such as Orlando Diaz and the  creative teams at West Elm.